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A Bird's Eye View of Murder PAPERBACK

A Bird's Eye View of Murder PAPERBACK

Book Two in the Frankie Chandler Mystery Series

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Book Two in the Frankie Chandler Pet Psychic Series. 

What’s a pet psychic’s worst nightmare? A tarot card-reading aunt, a cranky cockatoo, and a very dead Blue-Ribbon Queen.

Pet psychic Frankie Chandler is feeling frazzled. Ever since the night she lost her ability to communicate with animals--and wound up reading the minds of two potential dates--nothing seems to be going right. Her new animal behavior business is a dud, and her love life is as dry as the Arizona desert. To top it off, Frankie's assertive Aunt Gertrude is in town to attend the premiere of Blue-Ribbon Babes, the Baking Channel's latest show.

When Frankie and Auntie stumble over the body of the newly appointed Blue-Ribbon Queen, Detective Martin Bowers suspects that Auntie knows more about the victim than she's admitting. The only witness to the murder is an unfriendly cockatoo that's obsessed with cats. Frankie scrambles to revive her talent for talking to animals before the police arrest Aunt Gertrude, but the more she finds out about the victim, the more she wonders if Auntie is guilty.

Mystery meets romance in this comedic romp through the minds of furry and feathered friends.

 What Readers are Saying

“A fast, fun, satisfying mystery told by a master of sarcasm and wit.”

“A BIRD’S EYE VIEW OF MURDER dishes more of Vick’s signature sarcasm, wit, and humor.”

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The Baking Channel's newly appointed Blue-Ribbon Queen, Elvira Jenkins, lay face down alongside the kitchen island, her arms outstretched as if she had caught her toes under the long rubber spill mat and flapped wildly to catch her balance before going down. It was possible she had fainted, or maybe she had a severe case of narcolepsy and had fallen asleep in the middle of the most exciting night of her life. Neither optimistic scenario explained the large, bloody spot on the back of her iron-gray head of curls.

On this same kitchen set a mere hour ago, Elvira's forceful personality had loomed large with the confidence of one who could always turn others around to her way of thinking, whether they liked it or not. Now, she seemed insignificant—her thick, strong arms flaccid and pale, her bulky shoulders no longer firmly set. It was almost as if someone masquerading as the woman had taken off an Elvira Jenkins costume and tossed it carelessly aside.

Since I was sprawled out on the floor right next to her, I had a good view of her formerly penetrating gray eyes that now stared without seeing. And the dried spot of drool at the corner of her mouth.

The lingering smells of cookies and burnt cornbread wafted in the air, olfactory leftovers from the taping of the Baking Channel's newest show, Blue-Ribbon Babes, and there was a dusting of flour on the floor beneath her

"Meow! Meow! M-e-o-w!" A large bird shrieked from inside a cage tucked into a corner of the countertop, white feathers fluttering madly as if it were trying to take off in flight and leave behind the horrible scene below.

"I think I'm going to be sick," I said. And then I was.

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