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An Almost Purrfect Murder EBOOK

An Almost Purrfect Murder EBOOK

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A wedding cruise, dangerous secrets, and a troupe of performing cats. What could go wrong?

When Frankie Chandler boards an Alaskan cruise ship, she’s hardly a cheerful advertisement for sailing the ocean blue. Her best (and only) friend is getting married, which means the end of impromptu girl’s nights. Her only consolation is the all-night buffet, but even that can’t make up for the body she discovers below her balcony. The only witnesses are a troupe of performing cats. Just when things can’t get any more bizarre, Detective Martin Bowers joins the cruise in Juneau, and the investigation isn’t the only thing about to heat up.

Mystery meets Romantic Comedy in this latest Frankie Chandler adventure. Irreverent humor, snappy dialogue, and a cast of quirky characters will have you laughing out loud.



When a frightened dog breaks through to fake pet psychic Frankie Chandler, the communication doors are wide open for any animal with something to say. As the series progresses, Frankie gains some control over her abilities, though it's far from perfect. 

Each mystery features an animal who witnesses a murder. Since they don't speak, Frankie is left trying to decipher the clues, which means investigating on her own. 

The humor includes satire, which means everything is fair game. There is no explicit sex or gory violence. Rarely will a mild swear word pop up (usually from the mouths of men) but it's nothing you wouldn't find in an Agatha Christie novel.



Reclaiming yourself after a troubled past

Accepting your gifts no matter how strange

Fish out of water

Romantic Subplot

Amateur sleuth 


“A fast, fun, satisfying mystery told by a master of sarcasm and wit.”

“A BIRD’S EYE VIEW OF MURDER dishes more of Vick’s signature sarcasm, wit, and humor.”

“Clever humor; fabulous characters.”

“The flip side of Spencer Quinn.”

"Really enjoyed this book. Cute title. Cute cover. Fun story and characters. For anyone who ever wished they could understand their pets."

"Thumbs up from an Animal and Mystery Lover."

"Outrageously good fun!"

"Super good mystery with an interesting protagonist - worth the read."

"Fun cozy mystery with a good mystery plot with lots of twists and turns and a surprising ending."

"This delightful cozy read will leave you giggling! A good story line that is well written. More please!"

“A fresh, entertaining read with snappy dialog and plenty of well-rendered action.”

“A cracking fun read!”

“Great characters, fun plot, and snappy dialogue!!”

“A witty mystery…”


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