Frankie Chandler Mysteries

Welcome to my world. I was a perfectly happy fake pet psychic, though that makes me sound like a crook. I used animal behavior books and common sense to solve the problems of people and their pets. I added a few dramatic moments to make them feel they were getting their money's worth.

Then a frightened dog named Sandy broke through my mental barrier. Lets just say it didn't tickle. Now it's chaos. Every passing pet has something to say. And did I mention Sandy showed me a murder? I know it was real, because they found the woman's body in the desert.

The detective in charge of the case doesn't believe me, so it's up to me to decipher the clues. Before it's too late.

Hello. I'm the author of the Frankie Chandler Mystery series and the Harlow Brother Mystery series, as well as standalone mysteries and novellas.

I hope my books make you laugh because that's the point of humorous mysteries, right? Otherwise, they'd just be mysteries.