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Jacqueline Vick

Barking Mad at Murder

Barking Mad at Murder

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Frankie Chandler is a charlatan. Though she promotes herself as a pet psychic, her profound revelations come from animal behavior books and her ability to interpret the owner’s body language. Then an appointment with a new client goes horribly wrong and leaves her with images of a woman’s murder. Images that came from her canine client. Images that match the description of a body discovered in the Arizona desert.

Being a real pet psychic doesn’t come with a manual. Frankie’s overwhelmed by messages from every passing pooch and cranky cat. If she doesn’t figure out how to control her new ability, she’ll go mad. She’ll also miss additional clues that could help catch the killer, and catch the killer she must because the skeptical detective in charge of the case doesn’t believe she can communicate with the crime’s only witness. But the killer does, and Frankie must convince the frightened dog to reveal the whole story before it's too late...for both of them.

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