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All Six Frankie Chandler Books (PAPERBACKS)

All Six Frankie Chandler Books (PAPERBACKS)

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Get all six Frankie Chandler mysteries for over 30% off.  

Barking Mad at Murder

What does it take to make a golden retriever break through to a fake pet psychic'?


Once the mental door is open, Frankie's assaulted by images from every animal she meets. So, what can she do to stop the madness?

Solve the crime. (At least that's what she thinks.)

A Bird's Eye View of Murder

What if you thought your aunt had committed murder?

When Aunt Gertrude swoops into Arizona for a visit, her long-time rival in love and baking is discovered dead at the Blue-Ribbon Baking premiere. 

Coincidence? Or something more nefarious.

An Almost Purrfect Murder

A shipboard entertainer falls to his death during a wedding cruise.

Frankie's best friend is getting married, but a dead body puts a damper on the festivities. 

Can a group of performing cats help Frankie solve the crime?

What the Cluck? It's Murder

Does the truth trump family?

After meeting Detective Martin Bowers' sisters at the family farm, one of the workers with a murky past winds up facedown in the chicken feed. 

When the detective's sister becomes a suspect, Frankie must decide whether family is more important than the truth.

A Scaly Tail of Murder

An old flame brings trouble.

When Frankie's old flame, Jeff, comes to town, he sets off a series of events that end in murder. 

Can Frankie team up with the man that caused her to flee Loon Lake long enough to solve the murder? Without killing him?

A Scape Goat for Murder

When Bowers' life is in danger, Frankie gets help from an unexpected source.

Frankie gets the call every woman dreads. Bowers has been injured on the job...and he may not make it. 

She'll use every resource available to find who did this to him, including a scary but resourceful woman she's only heard about until now. 

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