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Harlow Brothers Mysteries 1 - 3 (EBOOKS)

Harlow Brothers Mysteries 1 - 3 (EBOOKS)

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All Three Harlow Brothers Mysteries

The first three Harlow Brother Mysteries for one low price. 

Civility Rules

Former college linebacker, Edward Harlow, is now the ghost writer of the Aunt Civility etiquette books. His brother, Nicholas, is his secretary, personal assistant, and dogsbody. 

When the brothers visit Inglenook Resort for a conference, the guest next door is murdered, threatening to spin Edward's ordered world out of control.

Bad Behavior

When Nicholas tricks Edward into a public speaking event, one of the attendees is a former college professor with an agenda. Then the professor dies in a spectacularly public manner, and his last act is to point an accusing finger at Edward.

Deadly Decorum

The brothers are back at Inglenook for a charity costume ball. When a guest is killed with the sword from Edward's Zorro outfit, Nicholas is determined to clear his brother's name. While digging for clues, he discovers a secret that could mean the end of Aunt Civility.



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Reading Order

The Frankie Chandler reading order:

Barking Mad at Murder (1)

A Bird's Eye View of Murder (2)

An Almost Purrfect Murder (3)

What the Cluck? It's Murder (4)

A Scaly Tail of Murder (5)

A Scape Goat for Murder (6)

The Harlow Brothers Reading Order:

Civility Rules (1)

Bad Behavior (2)

Deadly Decorum (3)